April 17, 2004

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Lesson one: Life is so fragile, but Emma is so tough.
Lesson two: Babies can have so much fun in America, probably in China, too.
Lesson three: Everything is so costly.

Today many things have happened. Today Emma fell. It was all my fault. I put her in the home-made high chair, then, she "propelled" herself together with the chair down to the floor, at the minute when I was out of the room to get her a toy. At the sight of her on the floor, crying, I felt so guilty and scared, I screamed.

Insisted by Mary Beth, three of us took her to the doctor. She was fine, except a red bump on her forehead and a red spot on her nose. The nurse, Nancy, told us that tomorrow she probably will be a little colorful, blue and black. She also said that she will have more bumps along the way.

After we left the doctor's office, we took her to the baby's museum. She had a great deal of fun. Me, too. I was so excited and interested in everything there, the piano, the little dominicks, the water plant, where kids were busy sending balls up to the water pipe. We did dancing, we played music, we watched the little chicks with her.

I wonder how I managed to function as an intelligent being. In my childhood, my only toy in my memory, was a little oval-shaped glass ball with a orange-colored flower inside.

Today is Leo's birthday, I made a relatively big dinner, Mary Beth baked a choloate cake. I also made a wish on behalf of Emma that Leo can find a job in the next half year.

Saturday, April 17, 2004
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