April 18, 2004

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It is still just or mostly I, I, I, I, ... who is doing this blogging. It probably will be only I, I, I ... who would read this blog on one dismal day. Then I probably would think how lame and boring all that I have written ...
Anyway ...

Anyway, today we had such a sunny summer day. It was sunshine everywhere. The weather was warm, the wind was gentle, buildings everywhere were simply gorgeous. This was the wealthy, civilized, beautiful America everyone dreamed of. This was the America in postcards.

Emma is the postcard baby on this sunny summer gorgeous day! We put her white bath tub in the middle of the small lawn outside of the apartment, right next to the yellow flowers dancing with the wind. We filled the tub with lots and lots of warm water and then we put Emma in. She was in such a good mood and she had such a great time. She smiled around, looked around, she splashed water all over herself and us. She was so naked, she was so nakely, irresistibly cute. All people passed by looked at her and smiled.

We took a lot pictures of her. Leo and I competed with her for some camera, but no one can be as good looking as she is.

Sunday, April 18, 2004
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