April 23, 2004

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I tried to make up a story in which Emma is the main character (what is word for it? ) and failed. I tried to do it on the train, but I got so bored by my lack of ideas that I fell asleep. My imagination cannot go very far.

It is good though that I can do so many things in the name of Emma and feel very much justified and motivated. It is good that I can get out of my inertia, not very much, and do things.

But I cannot do very much. Last night, I took emma to bed. Feeding her is a way to get her to sleep. So we both were lying in bed, she ate and while I thought about my various dissapated derterminations, no long after, I fell asleep. I am pretty frustrated by this problem, I do not want to sleep so early.

Yesterday Leo took her to the baby museum again. He said Emma had played a lot.

Lately Emma have had this bad habit of waking up in the middle of night, eating a little from my breast and then back to sleep again. She was not like this before. I think I spoiled her a little.

Friday, April 23, 2004
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