April 11, 2004

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I put more pictures of Emma online. Trying to put a small paragraph of major developments of Emma
each month, but then I found that I cannot recall anything, except some fragments of conversations with Mary Beth, some vague memories of images of Emma's sitting, smiling ... This is like everything, we just live for the moment, we cannot foresee the future, we quickly lose track of the past.

Yesterday, I talked with Liu Jing, my friend at UIC. Seems that her son Leo has developed very quickly, he can roll at 3 months old, can walk along his crib by holding the bars at 7 months, can crawl at 9 months old, can talk "ba-ba, da-da" 10 months ... The only battle he has lost so far is that he still completely toothless ... As usual, I broadcasted this to Mary Beth and Leo. As usual, they defended Emma, saying Emma is just all right. I know. Still sometimes I worry, afraid Emma could have some delay in her development.

I have the competitive spirit for her.

Mary Beth is really really good to Emma. She got up really early this morning and set a bar in the computer room so Emma can hold it and practice walking around. But Emma is not ready yet. She smiled good-naturedly or even condescendingly, looking around, relaxed, while we moved her feet, hands around, virtually doing the exercises for her.

She can be on her stomach for quite a while now, but she is not interested in rolling, even though she can.

Sunday, April 11, 2004
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