April 09, 2004

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I drafted something yesterday. Then it got lost. Maybe it is not a good idea to do a draft. It is mine anyway. I do not have to make it so clean ... That is me.

This week Mary Beth is on spring break, so Emma got to do a lot of exercises, try many new varieties of foods. Like pear, peach, apple, peter bread, chicken ... The funiest thing was that they put her in a plastic box, just big enough to hold her, and then put her in the sink. Then they turned on the water and she can play while taking a pseudo-shower. She looked at the running water and thought it was something she can grab. She kept trying, one hand, and then two hands, trying to just hold the water like the way she hold her little duckie ... They all laughed and told me about it.

Friday, April 09, 2004
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