April 24, 2004

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Bomber! I really got annoyed because I sleep too much, way too much. Every night I go to bed with Emma so she can sleep early. But soon enough my brain would not function anymore. Eating, sleeping, my vices, I have no control over. Then morning I have no time of my own, again a day of feeding, walking out, cooking, laundary, a day of babysitting ...

I wish Emma could grow up fast, fast so she can take over the blog to blog for herself. Who knows what her world would be like when she grows up. Some kind of cyber world, that blog would feel like from stone age? I do not know. I have no imagination.

Amy, Mary Beth's sister, came to visit Mary Beth. Then Emma got some more baby toys. A see through ball. A baby book with bright colors and cute looking animals. She said Emma can really babber, by any definition. Mary Beth said she made a million sound. I wonder why Emma would not do this with me. Maybe she likes to show off.

Saturday, April 24, 2004
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