April 14, 2004

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Another full day for Emma. She went to a children's museum, where she had a lot of fun. Mary Beth and Leo took her there. In that museum, there are music boards, baby miniature grocery stores, obstacle course, dancing floor, water park ... Emma was so fascinated by it. Leo took her to the beach in the afternoon.

She had her stomach full of all kinds of adult foods too, like carrots, cucumber. She did not have much milk, though.

Mary Beth built a small play pen for Emma in the corridor of the apartment. She put two mirrors along the wall, and surrounded the pen with bags of diapers, pillows. Emma did some exercises getting up and down. But she did not crawl.

I am a little disappointed and worried, because she still cannot crawl. She does not "talk" much either. But good things may come later.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
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